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The purpose of counseling is not simply to survive life’s difficulties but acquire the knowledge so we can thrive through the difficult times. We do not learn as much when we are successful than we do when we have worked hard and done what we think we believe to be right, but still fail! We do not have the power to make someone stay in a marriage. We cannot guide our children once they have left home. Sometimes we need help. Help to learn how to fall in love again. Help to put down that drink. To love a child when they are anything but lovable. I want to assist my clients come to the point where they can see their own contribution to the problem. To see where they may have only been 2% of the problem. Rather than feel good that they were only 2% of the problem; I want to help them take 100% responsibility for their 2% and learn from it. Did you know that Rat Poison is only 2% poison and 98% good food? I want to help my clients fall in love with growing! I want to guide all my clients to a healthier and more abundant way of life. I’m not smart enough to help someone to take their old ways of doing things; and have them work. I know how to help one have the kind of marriage, family, and personal life everyone wants but few are willing to do the work to possess. I look forward to meeting you.


I’ve had a life of extremes. I’m an alcoholic and have been clean for over 45 years. I love it, but it can beat me up and down the street, so I respect alcohol, but I also fear it. I was with the 82nd Airborne Division and served as a Drill Instructor in the U.S. Army. I became a pastor counselor! I have a life that has covers the entire male Testosterone Spectrum. I have held my Marriage and Family Counselor license for over 35 years! I do not believe in divorce; I know it happens. I think every couple, if they both give their best effort can have the marriage we all want.



Bob Baker, LMFT; M.Div.

Founder of Daybreak 

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